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Free tests for NHS patients

Precision medicine for everyone

How does drug response testing benefit me?

You get to understand better the type of medication that will work best for you. It helps clinicians to select the best medication for you the first time.


  • We are all unique and each person responds to medication differently.
  • Your response to drugs depends on your DNA and many other factors.

How does it work?

This test is a genetic test. It identifies variations in the gene(s) responsible for how your body responds to medications. Response to medicines varies from person to person. Findings from this test can guide your clinician in selecting an effective medication for your treatment.

Better prescribing through pharmacogenetic testing

Our tests are only available through qualified clinicians. If you are an NHS patient you may be eligible to a free pharmacogenetics test.

Heart Medication

This test helps guide your clinician in selecting the most effective Statin medication for you.


Helps you and your doctor understand which antidepressant medication that can work best for you.

Comprehensive Panel

A comprehensive genetic test that can highlight your likely response to a broad range of medications.

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