This very important and thoughtful question is one frequently asked by individuals considering participation in DNA and genetic research. Answering this question, the short answer would be yes. Stated below are reasons why you should contribute to research with your DNA data.

To begin with, a large amount of genomic dataset can be obtained from persons participating in a genetic research. These obtained data, when studied alongside phenotypic information, can be a useful tool and resource to understanding the genetic factor and the roles it may play in diseases and drug metabolism. We are still yet to fully understand all of human DNA and other OMICS data. Opting in to support research will help science and healthcare providers to develop new solutions for cancer treatment, precision medicine, better treatment and all other allied aspects where genetics is very significant as a factor.

Providing your data for research can also help to lower the cost of healthcare in general as promising advancements in precision medicine aim to personal healthcare and reduce to minimum trial and error in medication prescription. These feats if attained will help clinicians and healthcare providers save time and the cost of healthcare in general reduced. Contributing to research will help make treatments more targeted and effective in the future plus there is the event of people being able to participate in clinical trials should they ever need it.

DNA is very sensitive data, this is why it is important to work with a trusted and ethical provider. Providers that already work with large healthcare providers like NHS have to follow strict protocols to ensure the use of your data is in complete alliance with GDPR and other important regulations. Traditionally, privacy protections are afforded through “de-identifications” and because DNA is a unique to every individual (no two individuals have DNA to be 100% the same ,it is a unique identifier and this is why it is expected that your provider conduct research practices that are responsible and require informed consent for broadcast and use of DNA data. Having a trusted and ethical provider like OMICS health assures you your data would not be utilized inappropriately as all nothing will be done without your consent and all due protocol observed in compliance to GDPR and other related regulations.

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