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A pharmacogenetic test is a genetic test that helps to identify differences in genes that can determine how a person responds to medications. Not everyone responds to medications in the same way. For a particular drug, some individuals may need a higher dosage, for some others the regular dose will be just fine.

Provided by accredited laboratories, this test will guide your physician on how to tailor medications to suit your body’s unique requirement.

The ecosystem

Join us to develop the most Comprehensive British Medical OMICS service. We foster a multidisciplinary OMICS ecosystem to help your organisation develop and commercialise new diagnostic and health screening solutions.

Our goal is to help to translate medical science into routine clinical care. We engage with a broad range of industry partners from medical service providers, to research and development organisations, medical distributors, as well as, the pharmaceutical industry. We identify actionable healthcare solutions and make them available to clinicians and patients.

Genomics Labs

We invite accredited labs to join us in providing the most advanced precision medicine service. Need to process more samples? If you are not an accredited lab we can help you with optimising your workflow and standards to make precision medicine testing available as a new service. For accredited labs we can help to integrate your workflows with those of clinical providers.


If you are a non-profit organisation concerned with improving the life of your beneficiaries through precision medicine, we can help you achieve your goals by providing you with research, data, diagnostics and technology.

Industry Partners

We make precision medicine available at the point of care and distribute precision medicine solutions across the UK and other countries. Our work can benefit your organisation through the implementation of precision medicine to a wider population. This helps you optimise your approach and to make precision medicine available to as many people as possible.

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