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Pharmacogenetics is a field that studies and investigates genetic variations that may influence drug response and side effects. It aims to provide useful information about an individual’s genetics which serves as a guide in selecting medications that may be most effective for treatment. Pharmacogenetic testing includes testing for antidepressants (antidepressants test), Statins (Statin test) and other medications (drug panel testing).

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Benefits of preemptive drug response testing

Drug response testing or pharmacogenetic testing entails investigating genetic variations that influence drug response in individuals. Many factors such as gender, age, environmental factors, diet, body mass, the presence of other medications, chemicals such as nicotine in cigarettes, disease and...
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Pharmacogenetics and Pharmacogenomics: Are they the same?

Pharmacogenetics refers to the study of genetic influences on an individuals response to drugs. In pharmacogenetics, the analysis of a specific gene or group of genes may be used to predict response to a drug or class of drugs. On...
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Should I contribute to research with my DNA data?

This very important and thoughtful question is one frequently asked by individuals considering participation in DNA and genetic research. Answering this question, the short answer would be yes. Stated below are reasons why you should contribute to research with your...
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