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Precision medicine for everyone

Our Vision

Our vision is to make precision medicine available to as many people as possible. To make this happen, we support clinicians and healthcare industry through education, genomic medicine services and solutions supporting safe and effective data-driven medicine.

Who we are

We are a group of British clinicians and specialists concerned with the implementation of Genomic Medicine and healthcare technologies emerging from OMIC science. We strive to provide you with the best service when it comes to health.
We develop and implement solutions in the field of precision medicine, medical Genomics, pharmacology, bioinformatics, blockchain and artificial intelligence. With our range of pharmacogenetic and other health screening tests, we help to make treatments more tailored and effective.

OMICS Health is an initiative led by Dr Alina Roser and developed with the support of the Eastern Academic Health Science Network (EAHSN). The Cambridge based group is one of the several networks designed to support and foster innovations across healthcare systems in the UK. We bring together a broad range of British medical genomics experts and specialists working in the field of medicine, pharmacology, bioinformatics, governance and ethics.

Dr. Alina Roser


Dr Alina is a UK based general practitioner and honorary clinical lecturer at Barts and the London school of medicine and dentistry at Queen Mary University. Alina has been one of the first GPs in the UK to specialise in genomic medicine at the University of Cambridge, a programme delivered in collaboration with the Welcome Sanger Institute and European bioinformatics institute at the Welcome genome campus (EMBL-EBI).

Alina is a dedicated healthcare service improvement specialist, and she has been the first clinician in the UK to pioneer the implementation of pharmacogenetic testing for depression and heart medication in NHS primary care.