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Free tests for NHS patients

Precision medicine for everyone

Better prescribing through pharmacogenetic testing

Our tests are only available through qualified clinicians. If you are an NHS patient you may be eligible to a free pharmacogenetics test.

Heart Medication

This test helps guide your clinician in selecting the most effective Statin medication for you.


Helps you and your doctor understand which antidepressant medication that can work best for you.

Comprehensive Panel

A comprehensive genetic test that can highlight your likely response to a broad range of medications.

What is Drug Response Testing?

A pharmacogenetic test is a genetic test that helps to identify differences in genes that can determine how a person responds to medications. Not everyone responds to medications in the same way. For a particular drug, some individuals may need a higher dosage, for some others the regular dose will be just fine.

Provided by accredited laboratories, this test will guide your physician on how to tailor medications to suit your body’s unique requirement.

How does it work?

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